Gestational Diabetes Diet Plan

Gestational Diabetes Diet PlanA gestational diabetes diet plan is necessary to help protect your long term health and the health of your baby.


Most women don’t know how to cure gestational diabetes, but all it takes is a proper 5-step diet plan.


You, like me, are probably tired of hearing about this or that diet plan. The science is in and the evidence is out: the only other thing that comes close to being as important as good “gestational diabetes” diet plan is your beliefs and attitudes toward your health.


There couldn’t be a more important time in “both” your lives than now, to discover the healing edge of eating and thinking in a more empowering fashion.


Isn’t it funny how Mother Nature gives nutritional priority to the newly developing life growing inside your body? This is exactly why a diet plan for preventing, treating and curing gestational diabetes is so very important.


You are living in an age of great discoveries. Every day scientists learn new consequences and benefits of our food choices. The right gestational diet plan is a result of making wise choices to help create a healthier baby.


Diabetes is really just a symptom of a nutritional imbalance at the cellular level.


Dr. Inder Singh reported in the Lancet1, the amazing results of a study which had 80 diabetic patients on a very restrictive low-fat diet, consuming only 20 to 30 grams of fat a day, and sugar intake was lowered to zero.


Within six weeks, more than 60% of the patients no longer required insulin! Later, that number rose to more than 70%!


Even though gestational diabetes is a temporary imbalance associated with pregnancy, it should be treated and cured with the utmost importance for the sake of both mother and child.


There’s a reason why the low-fat diet plan will work for gestational diabetes, as well.


Think of your pancreas as a thermostat, except that instead of turning on heat, it turns on insulin in the presence of sugar.


As it turns out, high levels animal fat blocks your insulin from controlling the sugar in your blood2.


In a nut shell, if you are suffering from gestational diabetes or interested in preventing, treating or curing diabetes through wise eating habits, then simply follow this 5-step gestational diabetes diet plan:


1. Reduce saturated fat

2. Eliminate all refined sugar

3. Increase natural fiber intake

4. Drink naturally alkaline water

5. geGet mild levels of exercise


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